Who We Are

A team of professionsal estimators, foremen, groundsmen, and office staff that all works together tirelessly to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Who We Are

A team of professionsal estimators, foremen, groundsmen, and office staff all work together tirelessly to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

About Us

From the first phone call to the finished job, our team seamlessly communicates with each other and our customers using everything from cutting-edge software to a simple phone call to ensure every job description and scheduling detail is followed flawlessly.

Prestige is very selective in our hiring process. We look for a mix of ability, skill set, industry knowledge, people skills, willingness to learn, and work ethic. In addition to all that, we also make sure that our prospective hires are a good fit with our company culture. The work is hard, but we have noticed over the years that a cohesive team consistently performs better than a bunch of folks that are just there for a paycheck. We believe that a good culture not only makes for great teamwork, but also improves customer satisfaction, because our customers get to interact with a fun and enjoyable group of people!

These are some of the foremost tree care professionals, the most enjoyable people to work with, and people we are proud to say represents what it means to work for Prestige Tree Experts.

Our Story

Co-owners Matthew Derrick (left) and Adam Bodmer (right) grew up in the same neighborhood in Laurel, MD, and began working together mowing lawns when they were in middle school. They called their business Matt & Adam’s Yard Service, a descriptive, but boring name. They worked evenings after school, weekends, and all through their summer breaks to build a reputation in their neighborhood for doing great work at great prices. After growing the business through middle and high school, they realized they had a true passion for it.

When they started college, in order to form a more professional brand, they re-named the original company to Prestige Landscape & Tree Care, LLC. During college, Matt and Adam redirected their company to focus more on tree work. As a part of that transition, they had to purchase a lot more equipment, and hire on many new employees. Even after graduating, and earning the ability to go out and “get real jobs,” Matt and Adam decided to continue to pursue the American dream and follow their passion for business.

Today Prestige Landscape & Tree Care, LLC is operating with the “doing business as” name of Prestige Tree Experts, the new branding name chosen to reflect the company’s transition towards tree work. Matt and Adam are working to expand their area and range of services, and hope to grow to become one of the foremost tree care companies in the area!

Our Core Values


We arrive on time, charge what we say we will charge, and communicate clearly. We are transparent as possible in our job process from start to finish. Customers are encouraged to review our insurance and licensing certifications.


Our team works until the job is done, and our customers are happy. We don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t aim for “good enough.” We offer fair prices, and provide quality workmanship and thorough cleanups.


Our job includes more than tree care. We want to be as informative and helpful to each customer before we even schedule an estimate. After the job is done, all waste is recycled responsibly to make mulch, lumber, firewood, or some other wood product.

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