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Is Cabling a Tree Worth It?

cables supporting a tree, one of the pros of tree cabling

Ever wonder what tree cabling is and why people do it? Prestige Tree Experts can help you answer those questions and highlight the pros of tree cabling. You might have one particular tree that could use extra support or a group of trees that you want to make sure are protected before a storm hits. We have over 10 years of experience, and our licensed and insured arborists’ number one priority is to ensure your trees are safe and healthy. Call us today at 240.219.5676 for a free estimate and to advise you on your tree trimming and maintenance needs, including tree cabling services.

What Is Tree Cabling and Bracing?

Put simply, tree cabling and bracing is a technique used to support a weak tree and relieve stress on the tree. The technique can prevent possible future damage due to heavy foliage, severe weather, high winds, and storms.

The cables used are high-strength steel attached to bolts put in the upper part of a tree. This limits how much the branches the cables are attached to can move. The branches then have better support when stressed by storms and other events. Braces serve a similar purpose. They consist of threaded rods that are put into the area of a tree where weak branches intersect to provide more support and protect from the effects of the branches twisting in bad weather.

Cabling and bracing are not things that can be done on your own. They require a professional arborist, and the installation and materials have to comply with industry standards set by the American National Standards Institute. Maintenance after installation is periodically recommended to make sure the hardware is working the way it should and that the tree has not sustained further damage.

Signs that your tree may be weak and need cabling or bracing include:

  • The tree is leaning or buckling
  • The tree is coming out of the soil at the base of the tree
  • You notice that the tree canopy is sparse, and there are a number of dead branches
  • You see cavities, cracks, or seams in the wood

If you recognize any of these signs in trees on your property, it’s time to call a professional to get your trees back to a safe state.

Pros of Tree Cabling

Tree bracing and cabling are not DIY projects. They are extremely dangerous and require certified arborists and tree experts to install them. Professional arborists handle the installation and assess the severity of the tree’s weakness and the potential damage if not supported with braces or cables. This way, you are educated about the process and know that you are getting the expertise necessary to protect your trees for the long haul. Tree cabling can be part of a bundle of tree maintenance services, depending on your needs.

Some of the pros of tree cabling include:

  • Supporting new trees with heavy foliage or branches
  • Protecting and extending the life of a tree
  • Reducing the risk of structural damage to your home after a storm because of weak trees
  • Providing the support needed to the tree without affecting how it grows

Getting the proper bracing and cabling for your tree can ensure your family and property stay safe in all types of weather.

Call Prestige Tree Experts for Expert Tree Cabling

The pros at Prestige Tree Experts are licensed and certified arborists that know how to assess the issues your trees may have. They are well-versed in how to support trees of all types across the state of Maryland and the entire mid-Atlantic. Our pros can share how to get the most out of tree maintenance with a free estimate today.

Contact us for tree trimming, removal, cabling, and bracing at 240.219.5676. Our team is standing by to answer your tree maintenance questions.