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The Benefits of Regular Tree Service

an arborist works on a tree, improving tree healthcare is one of the benefits of regular tree service

Keeping your property beautiful is no easy task. From lawn care to home maintenance, there are many different aspects to consider when it comes to maintaining the appearance of your property. Maintaining your trees and shrubs is an important part of this process, as they not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your property but also provide plenty of shade and some protection from winds. The benefits of regular tree service are numerous and can help keep your property looking its best.

Prestige Tree Experts offers tree services in Jessup, MD, and the surrounding areas. Our team of certified arborists and tree care professionals can help keep your trees looking healthy and beautiful year-round.

What’s Included in Regular Tree Services?

Regular tree service encompasses a variety of maintenance practices, including tree trimming, tree removal, healthcare treatments, and more. These services are designed to keep trees healthy, safe, and visually appealing. Having an arborist come perform regular services might entail:

  • Appropriate tree trimming – Sometimes, trees lose limbs or have deadwood that can be hazardous to the health of the tree and those around it. Appropriate trimming helps remove hazards while avoiding over-pruning.
  • Change-of-season care – As the seasons change, trees have different needs. In spring, it’s important to remove winter debris and give your trees a good cleaning and feeding. In the fall, removing dead branches can help keep your property clear of leaf buildup.
  • Emergency services – During and after severe weather events, trees can become damaged and pose significant danger to people or property. Having an arborist on call 24/7 can provide peace of mind in case of emergencies.
  • Disease and pest control – Trees are susceptible to various diseases and pests, which can cause significant damage if left untreated. Regular check-ups from an arborist can help identify early signs of disease or infestations and prevent further issues.
  • Tree removal – In some cases, trees may need to be removed due to disease, storm damage, or age. Regular assessments by a certified arborist can determine if a tree needs to be removed for safety or aesthetic reasons.

When you have your trees maintained, it can provide a range of benefits for both you and your property.

Benefits of Regular Tree Service

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Regular tree trimming ensures that your trees maintain their shape and health, contributing significantly to the overall aesthetic of your property. Professional trimming helps prevent overgrowth and removes dead or unsightly branches, ensuring that your landscape looks well-kept and attractive.

Increased Property Value

Well-maintained trees can greatly enhance the value of your property. Prospective buyers appreciate the beauty and shade provided by healthy trees, which can translate to higher offers and quicker sales. Trees that are regularly serviced are more easily identified when something is wrong, leading to early intervention.

Safety and Risk Management

Unmaintained trees can pose serious safety hazards. Dead or overgrown branches are at risk of falling, potentially causing injury or property damage. Regular tree service mitigates these risks by ensuring that weak, damaged, or hazardous branches are removed safely. Our certified arborists at Prestige Tree Experts are trained to handle these tasks with precision and care, providing peace of mind for homeowners.

Improved Tree Health

Routine tree care prevents diseases and promotes robust growth. Services such as root air spading help alleviate soil compaction, allowing roots to access essential nutrients and water. Chemical applications can protect trees from harmful fungi, insects, and other pathogens, ensuring they remain healthy and vibrant.

Environmental Benefits

Healthy trees provide numerous environmental benefits, including improved air quality, reduced soil erosion, and enhanced wildlife habitats. By investing in regular tree service, you are not only caring for your property but also contributing to a greener, healthier environment.

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