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What Trees Should I Plant?

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Trees can be a great way to make your home stand out from the surrounding houses. Big or small, they can make a statement. Trees can also provide shade and privacy, which is especially convenient for people who live in a more populated area.

Unfortunately, you might not be able to plant your favorite tree, depending on where you live. Trees have certain needs that can only be met in a particular climate. So if you are looking to expand or learn more about tree planting, it is important to research what will thrive and what might not do. This is where Prestige Tree Experts can help, and we can guide you through our tree healthcare services.

What Trees Should I Plant?

If you ever travel somewhere with a different climate from where you live, you might notice that they also have different foliage. Different trees require certain temperatures and environments to live. A tree that you might see in a warmer area might not survive in a northern climate. Before planting a tree, know what would do well in your area.

Palm Trees

Palm trees can be found in places with warm weather year-round, like tropical and coastal locations. Some palm trees require a lot of sunlight, and most of them require a lot of water. Some different varieties of palm trees include:

  • Fan palms
  • Cocos capitata
  • Pygmy date palm

Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees stay green year-round, even when planted in cooler climates. They also do not lose their leaves in winter. They are commonly used in yards as a privacy barrier. Certain types of evergreens are also a popular choice for Christmas trees. Some types of evergreen trees are:

  • Fir
  • Pine
  • Spruce

Willow Trees

Willow trees are great for providing shade. Many have long leaves that drape over the trunk. These trees are mostly found in northern climates. Because willow trees do well in wet weather, they are commonly found in water. Different types of willows include:

  • Bebb willow
  • Weeping willow
  • White willow

Red Oak Trees

These trees are found on the east coast of North America. Because red oak trees grow to be so large, they cannot be planted in a small yard. In the autumn season, the leaves of these trees will turn a red color before falling off in the winter.

Oak Trees

Oak trees are also found in cooler, northern climates. Some oaks produce small fruits, while others have acorns. The leaves of these trees will also change colors in autumn. Types of these trees are:

  • White oak
  • Pin oak
  • Northern red oak

Pine Trees

Pine trees prefer cooler weather in northern climates. Instead of leaves, these trees have pointy pine needles. They are commonly found in forest areas. They also produce pine cones. They do not need much water but require a lot of sunlight to live. Different pine trees to choose from are:

  • Eastern white pine
  • Mountain pine
  • Longleaf pine

Balsam Hill Trees

These are the most common trees found in people’s homes during Christmas. Balsam fir trees have green pine needles and can look very thick. Many people use these trees in their homes as they easily put decorations on them. However, they need to stay watered.

Learn More About Tree Planting and Care Services with Prestige Tree Experts

The right trees in your yard can be a statement piece for your home. No matter the size or color, trees can be beautiful and practical. However, it is important once you plant trees to make sure they receive the proper care. Like all living things, trees require maintenance and can even become diseased. If your trees need spruce, chemical treatment, or trim, contact Prestige Tree Experts at 240.281.3334.