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Tree Lightning Protection

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Trees across the mid-Atlantic are at risk of lightning damage throughout the year. In the United States alone, nearly one million trees are struck by lightning each year. Lightning can damage or kill a tree on impact and create fire hazards in the immediate area. When lightning strikes a tree, the electrical current can jump to surrounding trees, buildings, and other structures, causing further damage.

If you’re ready to protect your trees from lightning, call our tree healthcare experts at 240.219.5676 or visit us online for a free consultation with our certified arborists.

What Is Tree Lightning Protection?

tree lightning protectionWhile it’s impossible to predict where lightning will strike, it is possible to help protect your trees from the damaging effects of lightning. Copper cables similar to lightning rods can be installed on most trees. The cable carries current from the top of the tree into the ground and out past the root system to discharge the electricity far enough from the root system to avoid damage. While many trees survive lighting strikes with minimally visible scars, the real damage occurs in the roots, which can cause premature death, tree fall, and other hazards.

Our tree experts and certified arborists are trained in lightning protection for trees of all shapes and sizes. Practices in lightning protection with copper cables date back to the early 1800s in the United States and are a safe and effective way to prevent lightning damage without harming your trees.

4 Reasons to Talk to a Maryland Arborist

While you may be able to research and install copper cable on your tree for lightning protection, leave the guesswork to the pros. Our certified arborists specialize in a specific variety of trees to help keep each tree on your property safe from lightning damage. They can easily determine the following:

  • Depth and width of a tree’s root system
  • If your tree is a good candidate for protection.
  • What other structures and trees might be affected by a lightning strike
  • The best way to install lightning protection without harming your trees

Whether you have a single tree or an orchard on your property, lighting protection is an increasingly popular way to ensure the health and safety of your trees and the surrounding area.

Prestige Tree Experts Keep Maryland’s Trees Safe from Lightning

Prestige Tree Experts arborists are based out of Jessup, MD, and work across the mid-Atlantic. Our thoughtful team of tree experts and certified arborists know just what a tree needs to ensure its safety and the safety of nearby homes, plants, and other trees. Contact our Jessup arborist group to learn about the following arborist services:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree diagnosis

As a proud member of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and partners of the Arbor Day Foundation, Prestige Tree Experts is a leading expert in preventative care for Maryland’s trees. If your trees have suffered lighting damage, we also offer emergency care as well as health assessments to gauge the health and survival of damaged trees.

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Don’t wait for lightning to strike. Whether you’ve considered lighting protection before, have tried to install cables and lightning rods yourself, or have had a near-miss in a recent storm, Prestige Tree Experts is here to help. With a wealth of other services, including health assessment, trimming, and removal, we believe honesty, satisfaction, and dedication are the key to tree service. Founded by two friends who began a local landscaping business in middle school, we know and understand tree care across the state. With an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, we guarantee client satisfaction. Call us today for a free lightning protection consultation and to hear about our other services at 240.219.5676.