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Tree Removal

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Whether a tree is dead, dying, diseased, leaning dangerously, or just aesthetically unappealing, sometimes the best option is to cut it down. From the smallest sapling to the largest giant, Prestige has the equipment, manpower, and expertise necessary to handle tree removal jobs of any size. We offer three levels of tree removal:

Total Removal: Remove Tree & Wood

Everything Goes

This is our standard option for tree removal. We remove all wood, trunk pieces, branches, debris and provide a thorough cleanup. A majority of the wood is taken to a green waste recycling facility.    

Leave Wood As-Is

Leave Large Wood Chunks

We leave the wood behind at the site of the tree in large chunks. This option is popular with people who have woods on their property and people who want to have some firewood to cut later down the road.

Cut & Leave for Firewood

Leave Wood for Splitting

We will leave firewood-length round chunks of wood for you to split or have split. Each trunk and log piece will be cut down to around 18 – 24 inches.

Maryland’s Most Reliable Tree Removal Company

tree removal in maryland

Prestige Tree Experts provides expert tree services, including tree removal services, for cities in the Jessup, MD, area.

With over 20 years of combined experience removing large trees from delicate or difficult-to-access places, we have become Jessup’s leader in tree removal, stump grinding, and other arborist services. Aside from tree removal, we also offer the following services:

  • Tree trimming
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree diagnosis
  • Tree healthcare

Tree removal can be a hazardous job for an inexperienced crew, especially if the trees in question are close to homes and other structures. One wrong move can result in a disaster. In order to avoid damaging nearby buildings or property, we recommend contacting an expert. We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to safely and properly remove any small or large tree from your property. 

Any-Sized Tree, Any-Sized Yard

Our tree removal teams work with pride, experience, and integrity. All members are expertly trained and work seamlessly together to bring trees down without any damage to your property. Prestige Tree Experts’ crew members will work to ensure that your property remains neat, tidy, and intact throughout the whole tree removal process.

Licensed Tree Care Experts

Prestige Tree Experts offers affordable tree removal services in the Jessup, MD area. Depending on availability, we are usually able to provide you with a written assessment and estimate within three business days. The best way to ensure that other trees, buildings, sheds, equipment, and other property aren’t damaged by falling limbs is to hire Maryland’s top tree removal company. For professional service, contact our tree removal experts by calling 240.673.2474. We are excited to work with you.