Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Professional tree trimming is necessary for the health and longevity of your trees, and is often a more desirable option than removing a tree if there are only minor issues. Whether a branch or two is growing too close to your house, or you need a more involved arborist recommended pruning, the experts here at Prestige are here to make your tree related headaches disappear!

Our Tree Removal Services


Raising the canopy

Elevating, sometimes called “canopy raising,” is the act of pruning out the lower branches off the tree. Any trees that block your view, hit your head when you walk under them, or are growing too close to your home or other structure should be elevated.


Improve tree health

Thinning allows for more sunlight and wind to pass through your trees, and redirects nutrients to the larger branches that need resources the most. This is beneficial to any turf grass that the tree shades, and is also a quick way to brighten up your property.

Deadwood Removal

Prevent tree rot and disease

Removing deadwood properly will allow the tree to heal over the affected area, and prevent rot and disease from spreading to the rest of the tree. Having dead limbs removed professionally reduces the risk of serious injury or property damage that could result if they fell in their own.

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