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Tree Healthcare

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a person holds a stethescope to a tree to symbolize tree healthcare

Prestige Tree Experts is a tree service company offering tree diagnosis and tree healthcare services to help Maryland home and business owners maintain healthy, robust, beautiful trees. The founders of our company have been providing tree services in the Jessup area for more than a decade. Our ISA-certified arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree problems to help protect your trees and treat any arboreal abnormalities that arise. To get expert commercial or residential tree services in Jessup, Maryland, contact Prestige Tree Experts by calling 240.219.5676

Recognizing When Your Trees Need Help

Trees are living organisms that, like all other plants, can get sick. And, just like people, when trees get sick, they need medical attention to heal and prevent the spread of disease. Unfortunately, most tree diseases are not easily detected by the untrained eye. This is why it’s important to have your trees examined regularly by a certified arborist who specializes in tree healthcare and will be able to spot problems early and recommend the best course of treatment.

There are many different types of tree diseases, but some of the most common include:

  • Beetles and other pests that infest the bark or wood of the tree
  • Canker diseases that kill branches and affect the tree’s ability to produce food
  • Fungal diseases that attack the roots or leaves of the tree
  • Nutrient deficiencies that cause the leaves to yellow or wilt

If you notice any of these problems with your trees, or if they seem unhealthy in any way, don’t hesitate to call Prestige Tree Experts. We will come out and assess the situation and, if necessary, provide the tree with the treatment it needs to get back to good health.

Tree Healthcare

Any arborist knows that there is more to tree work than just pruning and removing trees. Improving the health and safety of your trees is a great way to extend their lifetimes and reduce risks associated with them. Every tree and every situation is completely different, and our ISA-certified arborists are ready to listen, assess, and recommend services to keep your trees growing for years to come.   

Protect Your Trees from Lightning

Reduce the Risk of Damage                                          

Lightning strikes can be deadly for trees, some more quickly than others. We recommend tree lightning protection systems for large trees, trees with historical or sentimental value, and trees with few other lightning “targets” around them. A lightning protection system is a collection of copper terminals, connectors, and wire installed high up in the canopy of a tree, runs down the main trunk, and is then buried in the surrounding soil. These systems allow lightning to flow through the copper and dissipate into the ground. This greatly reduces the risk of damage to the tree itself.                                       

Root Air Spading

Remove Harmful, Stem-Girdling Roots                                      

An air spade is basically a power washer, except instead of using water to clean your sidewalk, it uses high-pressure air to expose the root system of trees without damaging them. We use these to break down mulch “volcanoes” when surrounding dirt or mulch is piled up too high against the trunk of a tree and to expose stem-girdling roots. Stem-girdling roots choke the tree and should be removed before they get large enough to kill the tree. Air spading also breaks up compaction in the soil, which is harmful to roots. It can also be used to install root barrier systems, apply organic material, and in many other applications. Talk to one of our arborists to see if air spading is right for you, and click here to learn more.          

Tree Cabling

Improve the Structural Integrity of Your Trees                                  

Tree cabling is the act of installing a steel cable in the canopy of a tree to limit the movement of major branches and improve their structural integrity. Tree cabling is a service that can improve the longevity of trees that have grown in a manner that makes them prone to splitting, from co-dominant stems to large, heavy branches and more. It is one of the best defenses against storm damage in trees and one of the most popular tree support systems in the field today.

Get Advice from an Arborist

Protect Your Maryland Trees from Pathogens & Harmful Fungi                            

Prestige offers a full range of chemical treatments for trees and shrubs. Our arborists can come to inspect your tree or trees and work with you to create a plan to ensure their long-term health. We can identify and treat a wide range of pests, from common insects to fungi and everything in between. Living pests are often tolerable at low levels and pose no risk to healthy trees. However, arborist intervention is needed if pest populations get too high, invasive species are present, or some ecological imbalance is upsetting the natural order in or around your trees. For affordable tree care services, contact Prestige Tree Experts today by calling 240.219.5676.                            

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