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Tree Trimming

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tree trimming services in maryland Tree trimming allows trees and hedges to produce healthy, new growth. This keeps the trees on your property looking pristine, healthy, and in line with your home’s aesthetic vision. Professional tree trimming service providers generally focus on removing deadwood from the canopy. This helps encourage healthier tree growth overall. On top of promoting new growth, tree trimming also polishes the appearance of the trees themselves.

Professional tree services, especially trimming, is necessary for the health and longevity of your trees and is often a more desirable option than removing a tree if there are only minor issues. Whether a branch or two is growing too close to your house, or you need a more involved arborist-recommended pruning, the Tree experts at Prestige are here to make your tree-related headaches disappear!    


Raising the Canopy

Elevating, sometimes called “canopy raising,” is the act of pruning out the tree’s lower branches. Any trees that block your view, hit your head when you walk under them, or are growing too close to your home or other structure should be elevated. 


Improve Tree Health

Thinning removes certain branches in the canopy and allows more sunlight and wind to pass through the tree. This makes the tree safer and less prone to damage from high winds. Thinning should not be overdone, though, so it is important that professional arborists perform this tree service.

Canopy Cleaning

Arborist-Recommended Pruning

This service includes removing broken, dead, or diseased branches, those with weak junctions or included bark, and other undesirable growth, including water spouts and suckers. It is often coupled with a light thinning to redirect a tree’s resources to strong, healthy branches.

Tree Trimming from a Maryland Certified Arborist

Removing dying branches helps maintain plant health and safety. Maintaining proper structural development in young trees may also include directional pruning. In addition to this, we focus on removing dead branches. We also provide tree thinning services for mature trees.

The removal of live branches from mature trees reduces density. In many cases, this significantly reduces wind resistance and prevents storm damage. Trimming the crown of the tree along with addressing sections that show decline should be addressed by a professional MD arborist. Tree trimming can even help reduce the spread of disease and decay.

Maintain Your Trees’ Structural Integrity & Natural Beauty

At Prestige Tree Experts, we have perfected the science and art of caring for Maryland trees. Regular tree trimming keeps the trees on your property looking pristine, healthy, and in line with your home’s vision. This component of arbor care is also critical in keeping your property safety and avoiding liability concerns.

Tree Trimming Equipment

When it comes to tree trimming, shears are often the tool Maryland arborists rely upon. Typically hand shears or lopping shears are used. These shears tend to be strong enough to cut through thin branches. For thicker branches, we will use a pole or chainsaw. Examples of tree trimming equipment include:

  • Bucket trucks
  • Polesaws
  • Pruners
  • Chainsaws
  • Scabbards
  • Tree loppers

Tree Trimming By a Certified Tree Care Specialist

Prestige’s arborists are insured, accredited, and ISA-certified. Our Maryland tree trimmers have perfected the science and art of tree and shrub trimming to promote the overall health and continued growth of your trees. Routine tree trimming helps keep your landscape safe, healthy, and appealing to onlookers. 

Prestige certified arborists have the deep understanding of tree biology, value, and care needed to maximize aesthetics and longevity for years to come. Our Jessup certified arborist team has the knowledge, training, and heavy machinery to keep the trees and shrubs living on your property looking cohesive, unified, and healthy. To get a quote to have your trees professionally trimmed, give us a call at 240.673.2474.