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Tree Trimming

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Recent industry research has prompted us to reconsider tree trimming. What was once a staple in the storm damage risk management toolbox may not be ideal for overall tree health. In extreme cases, we still offer thinning. But, often, the best way to prune a tree is crown cleaning, which maintains the integrity of the tree’s structure while removing poor, intrusive, or dead growth.

Prestige Tree Experts can assess your trees and help you understand the best approach to tree trimming and damage prevention for your property. Our ISA-certified experts are in tune with the latest recommendations for the care of your trees and can provide you with holistic services that keep your trees healthy for years to come. We understand that this is an investment in your property, so we always strive to provide advice that will help you get the best return on your investment. Call our Jessup, Maryland, tree care experts today at 240.219.5676 for a free consultation for tree services.

When to Hire Tree Trimming Experts

Prestige Tree Experts offers a variety of tree services, including trimming. We recommend considering hiring a professional tree service for the following reasons:

  • Safety – Trimming trees, especially taller ones, can be dangerous. The certified arborists have the experience and equipment to do the job quickly and safely.
  • Tree health – Improper trimming can damage the tree, which is why it’s essential to hire experts who know how to trim without harming the tree.
  • Time – Tree trimming is time-consuming, and unless you have the proper equipment, it can take much longer than necessary.
  • Cost – Hiring a professional tree trimming service may cost more upfront, but it will save you money in the long run by ensuring the job is done correctly the first time.

Our certified arborists in Maryland are experts in tree trimming. We will work with you to create a custom plan for your trees and ensure they are trimmed correctly and safely.

Approaching Tree Trimming the Right Way

Prestige Tree Experts knows that tree trimming and thinning should be approached with a plan that considers the health of the tree, not just how it looks. We consider three factors from the latest research when we make a tree trimming plan: lion’s tailing, mass damping, and tree vascular health.

Lion’s Tailing

The process of thinning, especially if overdone, removes inner canopy branches and twigs, which can lead to a situation known as “lion’s tailing.” This creates an uneven distribution of weight throughout the tree, where all the weight is concentrated at the extreme ends of the branches (like a lion’s tail), actually increasing the likelihood of branch failure.

Mass Damping

Small inner branches actually serve a purpose—slowing down the wind in a process known as “mass damping.” Mass damping is a proportional increase in canopy movement as wind speed increases. The leaves begin moving in a manner that gradually transfers the wind’s force to the twigs. Then, the process continues into the twigs, larger branches, leader branches, and eventually to the trunk. This gradual process is better for the tree.

Tree Vascular Health

Since trees are living organisms, routine wind loading actually biologically changes the structure of the cells in the tree’s vascular system. In a process most easily visualized by exercise, normal canopy movement produces “muscles,” or response wood growth to reinforce branch unions. The more this happens, the stronger a tree will become.

Tree Trimming from Prestige Tree Experts, a Maryland Certified Arborist

Our current tree thinning services are based on industry best practices. As such, we reserve significant trimming for extreme cases. Crown cleaning is a less invasive method we now incorporate more.

Crown cleaning removes any dead wood, branches with weak attachment points or poor unions, and any crossing or rubbing branches. Heading cuts are made for any particularly overextended branches.

For more robust support against storm damage, dynamic cabling systems are a wonderful solution. These are better than static cables because they allow for normal tree movement and only intervene when the movement reaches more extreme, undesirable levels. Call [Direc]t to ask a certified arborist if this is a good solution for your property.

Call Prestige Tree Experts for Professional Tree Care

Our arborists are insured, accredited, and ISA-certified. Our Maryland tree trimmers continually study the science and art of tree trimming to promote the overall health and continued growth of your trees. Professional tree trimming and cabling can help keep your landscape safe, healthy, and appealing to onlookers.

The team of certified arborists has a deep understanding of tree biology, value, and care needed to maximize aesthetics and longevity for years to come. Our certified arborist team in Jessup, Maryland, has the knowledge, training, and equipment to keep the trees living on your property looking cohesive, unified, and healthy. To get a quote to have your trees professionally trimmed, contact us at 240.219.5676.