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Root Air Spading

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tree air spading services marylandAs any arborist will tell you, the health of your trees depends on the health of the roots. Air spading allows your arborist to get up close and personal with your tree’s root system without damaging the tree or anything around it. Using a pressurized air spade, one of our Maryland tree care crews will safely and carefully excavate the roots of the tree in question. Contact Prestige Tree Experts for tree healthcare services including a root health assessment by calling 240.219.5676

What Is an Air Spade?

An air spade is a piece of tree equipment used to remove soil from the base of a tree or around its roots. The tool uses high-pressure air forced through a hose to help the arborist blow the soil away from a trunk or roots. This provides the opportunity to examine the condition of roots, root flare, or the tree trunk. There are many reasons arborists use the air spading. This technique gives insight into your tree that you wouldn’t be able to get with just an above-ground investigation. Arborists use air spading to address the following concerns:

  • Safely breaking up hard soils (even clay)
  • Aerating the soil to reduce compaction
  • Allowing visual inspection and correction of specific root health concerns

Root Flare Matters

Your tree’s root flare, also known as the root collar, is the area at the base of a tree where the trunk and bark transition into roots. A tree with a healthy root flare will have roots growing outward from the base of the tree trunk that are at the same level or slightly above the soil around it. Compacted soil, certain types of mulch, and adding soil on top of the root flair can cause roots to “choke.” Choking prevents the roots from properly transmitting water and nutrients to the tree.

Compacted Soil Affects Tree Health

Trees often struggle to survive in urban or suburban environments due to the high concentration of compacted soils. Compacted soils prevent a tree’s roots from being able to grow. They also impair the tree’s ability to adequately absorb water and essential nutrients. Soil gets compacted for many reasons, including the following:

  • Construction
  • Nearby walkways
  • Use of heavy machinery

Air spading allows the arborist to excavate the area around the tree’s roots in order to loosen the soil. A certified arborist has extensive knowledge of individual trees, tree conditions, and best practices. After air spading is complete, your tree care professional may recommend composting to prevent the soil from becoming compacted in the future.

Tree Root Excavation from Certified Arborists

Whether you are looking to preserve a backyard shade tree or need a hazardous tree removed, Prestige Tree Experts has you covered! We are Maryland certified arborists with experience providing quality tree services throughout Maryland. In addition to air spading, we also offer a variety of tree services in the Jessup area, including:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree diagnosis
  • General tree care

We have the expertise, equipment, and ability to handle the biggest, most difficult trees. Our tree removal crews always love the challenge of removing a precariously placed tree or cluster of trees. We offer commercial and residential tree removal and other tree services in the Jessup, Maryland area.

Find a Jessup Arborist to Help with Tree Care

If you are concerned about any of the trees at your home or business, contact Prestige Tree Experts to set up a free consultation with one of our tree care professionals. Whether you need a tree removed, treated, or examined, our trusted tree care experts will be happy to examine your trees and provide advice. You can reach our Jessup office by calling 240.219.5676.