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Tree Root Removal Service

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Whether or not you consider yourself to have a green thumb, tree care can be overwhelming. Without training, it’s hard to know how to care for trees as they grow and develop. It’s difficult to spot tree diseases and know which limbs or roots you can safely remove on your own. Tree growth and exposed roots can be unpredictable. Call a certified arborist today if you have roots encroaching on your home or exposed roots creating a tripping hazard. Major tree maintenance should never be a DIY job. A certified arborist can help you keep your trees and property in good health through tree services, from tree trimming and bracing to root removal.

If you’re concerned about root rot or other tree diseases affecting your property, call Prestige Tree Experts. We provide tree services across Maryland. Call 240.219.5676 or contact us online for a free consultation.

What Is Tree Root Removal?

Tree root removal is a process for removing large tree roots from around buildings or near sidewalks and driveways. In some cases, it’s necessary to remove these roots to prevent damage to structures or disruption of the surrounding soil. The certified arborists at Prestige Tree Experts are experienced in safely removing large tree roots with minimal impact on the health of your trees.

Why Is Root Removal Needed?

Root systems naturally grow outward and can be a major source of damage to property. If the root system is left unchecked, you could end up with big problems, including damage to:

  • Paved surfaces – Roots can lift up the pavement as they grow, creating an uneven surface—which can trip potential customers if the sidewalk is near your business or cause injuries at your home
  • Building foundations – Roots can grow right through a building foundation, causing costly damage
  • Sewer lines – Roots that invade sewer lines can cause blockages, backups, and further damage to property
  • Retaining walls – If the root system is left unchecked, it can push against a retaining wall and cause it to collapse

Without proper root removal, these problems can get worse over time. A certified arborist can assess the level of damage to your property and determine the best way to remove the offending roots. The arborist can then recommend a long

Prestige Tree Experts’ Root Removal Services in Maryland

Our team at Prestige Tree Experts offers non-invasive root removal services. We use a number of techniques to improve the health of your trees’ roots, including root air spading and tree root removal services.

There are some distinctions between these two methods to consider:

  • Root air spading – This is a soil aeration process used to remove the outer layer of soil from around a tree’s root system. This exposes deeper roots and allows for better access to the root system.
  • Tree root removal – This service involves carefully cutting away specific problem areas of the trees’ roots in order to reduce their overall size and manage their growth.

Our team of certified arborists can help you determine the best course of action for your trees and their root system. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Why Should I Call a Certified Arborist?

Certified arborists work in the field for three years before certifying with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). At Prestige Tree Experts, our certified arborists assess tree conditions and help improve tree health. They are trained in safe tree removal, stump grinding, root removal, trimming, and bracing. Certified arborists bring knowledge, professionalism, and care to tree services. Call a certified arborist today for the following:

  • Emergency tree and limb fall – In the event of an emergency, a certified arborist is trained to assess dangerous situations and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Tree trimming – A certified arborist can safely prune your trees to improve their health while preserving aesthetics.
  • Diagnoses – Certified arborists are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to diagnose tree diseases, pests, or damage.
  • Knowledge – Certified arborists bring knowledge of trees’ growth cycles and seasonal behavior, so they can recommend the best time to prune or remove a tree.
  • Damage prevention – Bracing, cabling, and lightning protection are a few services certified arborists provide to prevent damage during storms and high winds.

If you have questions about your trees’ health and your property’s safety, a certified arborist can help. Certified arborists may cost more than non-certified companies. Their high level of experience and training makes the cost worth it.

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Save yourself the hassle, and don’t DIY your tree care. Whether you’re worried about root rot, exposed roots encroaching on your home, or lightning prevention, call Prestige Tree Experts today. Founded by two friends from middle school, Prestige Tree Experts focus on three company values: honesty, satisfaction, and dedication. We know certified arborists aren’t cheap. Make sure you get your money’s worth with care and expertise.

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