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5 Common Causes of Tree Deaths

a dying tree suffering from one of the causes of tree death

Trees not only beautify any living space but also contribute to the local ecosystem. While living in a green environment surrounded by trees is a dream come true for many, it also requires maintenance and long-term planning. Like any living being, plants are susceptible to diseases and damage, and dying trees in your yard can affect the other plants too. If you’re worried about the causes of tree death, reach out to Prestige Tree Experts for a consultation with the top tree healthcare professionals in Maryland.

If you have noticed that the plants on your property are suddenly wilting, you might ask, “What is killing my trees?” There are several causes of dying trees, and most of us do not have the green thumb to spot them. However, a certified arborist can assess tree health, soil quality, and other factors to make a full diagnosis. They can even work with you to devise a plan to save the dying trees.

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5 Common Causes of Tree Death

The most common causes of dying trees are outlined below:

Declining Anchoring Roots

The health of your tree roots is vital for their longevity. If the drainage system in your area is poor, your trees may not get enough water. Thus, the anchoring roots are weakened. As a result, the overall tree health declines. Ensuring you have a proper watering system for your plants is the best way to minimize this sort of damage.

Mildew, Leaf Spots, and Bacteria

Like humans, trees are susceptible to a variety of viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases. If you notice a white powder on the surface of your leaves, chances are that the tree has caught powdery mildew—a type of fungal infection that can eventually kill the plant. Similarly, you must also watch out for brown, black, or discolored spots on leaves as they may indicate a bacterial infection.

Lightning Damage

Without adequate planning, tall trees are susceptible to lightning damage. By setting up a lightning protection system, you can minimize the damage caused to trees during a vicious thunderstorm.

Old Age

Trees, after all, have a fixed life span. If the trees in your yard are very old, they may eventually collapse under their own weight. To prevent accidental injury to any living person, you might have to get dead branches, stumps, or whole trees removed and replaced with newer plants.

Construction Damage

A tree can also get damaged if a construction crew digs too close to its roots. To prevent this, it is recommended that there is adequate distance between the construction zone and the trees.

What Is Killing My Trees?

As mentioned above, there are many causes of dying trees. While you might be able to tell if a tree is diseased or not, only qualified arborists can make a diagnosis and provide chemical treatments or tree pruning services as required. In some cases, the damage might be irreversible, and you may need to have the tree removed and plant another in its place.

Either way, reaching out to a quality tree healthcare professional is your best bet to determine the causes of tree death.

Save Dying Trees with Prestige Tree Experts

Whether it’s a tiny sapling or a tall tree, you can always rely on Prestige Tree Experts for quality tree health assessment, and other tree services such as tree trimming or tree removal.

Our certified arborists will inspect the plants in your yard, make a diagnosis and work with you to come up with a long-term plan to preserve the green environment and maximize the safety of the owners. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of services for your trees, ensuring they stay healthy, look beautiful, and are protected from any external threats.

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