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How Air Spading Can Save Your Tree

an person touches a tall tree after realizing How air spading can save your tree

Trees are essential to the environment, providing clean air and shade and also increase property values. Like any other living organism, trees need proper care and maintenance to thrive. Root air spading is an innovative and effective way to ensure the health and longevity of trees. Keep reading to learn how air spading can save your tree if it is unhealthy.

Prestige Tree Experts offers root air spading services in Jessup, MD and the surrounding areas. Our certified arborists have years of experience diagnosing tree diseases and common problems before providing high-quality service to improve your trees’ health. We are dedicated to improving the Mid-Atlantic area by helping property and business owners take better care of their trees. Learn more about our services by calling 240.219.5676 today.

What Is Root Air Spading?

Root air spading is a technique that involves the use of compressed air to remove soil surrounding tree roots. The process helps to expose the tree roots, and improve the density and health of the soil around them. Root air spading is used to diagnose and treat soil and root problems in trees by removing soil with minimal damage to the tree’s roots.

Air Spading Benefits

If you’re still wondering how air spading can save your tree, check out these benefits of air spading:

  • Improved tree health – With the removal of soil and other debris, root air spading enhances the aeration of the soil and helps in removing the unnecessary soil pollutants. This makes it easier for roots to spread out and grow.
  • Enhanced absorption of nutrients and water – As the soil around the roots becomes less compact and more porous, the roots can more easily absorb nutrients, water, and oxygen. This process directs these vital components to the tree where it’s most needed, ensuring that the tree remains hydrated and nourished and becomes more resilient to diseases that could affect its growth.
  • Reduced soil compaction – Traditional ways of digging can be hard on the soil, resulting in soil compaction that can limit root growth. Root air spading avoids this problem since it uses a gentle, non-invasive airflow that works to loosen compacted soil around the root.
  • Increased root growth – Root air spading promotes better root growth, ensuring that the tree has a strong base and can quickly recover from diseases or damages that may occur during its lifetime.

When you give your trees the care they need to thrive, you benefit in more ways than one.

When Is Root Air Spading Necessary?

There are signs that can tell you whether your tree is in need of root air spading. If you notice poor leaf appearance, limited growth, or dead branches, it’s like your tree has a problem with its roots or soil. Do not hesitate to call in a professional tree care company to assess the tree and perform root air spading when necessary. In addition, if you believe your property needs to be redeveloped or have previously undergone construction work, it is essential to carry out root air spading since it can help to alleviate any damage done to the roots of your trees.

Finding an Air Spading Treatment Service

When looking for air spading tree care services, it is essential to do research to choose the right service provider. Ask friends or colleagues for recommendations to ensure you have a reputable company that specializes in tree care services. Use online resources like Google or Yelp to check the company’s licenses, insurance, and reviews from previous customers. Or, look for a tree care provider that has significant experience in root air spading, as it requires specialized training and equipment to do the job correctly.

Air Spading from Prestige Tree Experts

At Prestige Tree Experts, we specialize in providing quality and reliable tree care services for customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our certified arborists are knowledgeable in root air spading techniques and use the latest tools to get the job done right. We understand how important trees are to our environment, which is why we dedicate ourselves to helping keep them healthy. Learn more about how air spading can save your tree by contacting us at 240.219.5676 today.