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Where to Find a Certified Arborist in Maryland

where to find a certified arborist in maryland

For most of us, tree care can be overwhelming. Seasonal changes, assessing tree health, and preparing for storms can add more stress to families’ and companies’ to-do lists. Whether you’re a single-family with a few trees in your yard or a company with many trees on your property, a certified arborist can maximize your trees’ health and safety. Certified arborists put tree health and the safety of surrounding structures first. Today, there are tree experts and certified arborists across the state keeping Maryland green.

Prestige Tree Experts certified arborists serve trees throughout Maryland. If your property needs arbor care, call us 240.673.2474 or visit us online for a free consultation.

What Does a Certified Arborist Do?

Arborists specialize in tree care and health. Like doctors, they can spot signs of illness and disease. They can also diagnose a tree’s stability and hydration levels. They know which limbs to remove to keep trees and surrounding structures safe throughout the year. Arborists are highly trained and educated. Certified arborists pass a series of exams from the International Society of Arboriculture. The ISA exams ensure comprehensive tree health and safety knowledge. These experts can recommend and execute tree removal, trimming, bracing, and other care. Certification requires at least three years of experience before testing. This ensures that each certified arborist has extensive experience in the field.

What Can a Certified Arborist Do for Me?

Certified arborists work on both emergency and non-emergency tree care. In the event of a storm or natural disaster, they can respond with preventative and recovery care. Before a storm, certified arborists can trim, brace, and tether trees to prevent damage. They can also handle clean-up after winter winds and rain.

An arborist can analyze the health of trees and recommend the best place to plant new trees on a property. They understand different varieties and can predict how a tree will grow and change over time. Many will offer recommendations for yearly maintenance to keep your trees in good health. Arbor care can help people avoid costly property damage, dead trees, and costly tree removal. Arborists can help you make hard decisions. They know which limbs are safest to remove and when it’s time to let a tree go. They can spot root rot and disease before problems get out of hand.

Find a Certified Arborist in Maryland Today

If you’re looking for a certified arborist, check potential companies for various certifications. The best arbor companies are certified by both the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). The Arbor Day Foundation can also provide resources to help you find reputable tree care today throughout Maryland. Always check a company’s certification status. Companies like the Better Business Bureau can also offer recommendations and support. Never trust a company without proper certifications. Non-certified professionals can cause liability problems and potentially damage the health of your trees.

Consult with a Prestige Tree Experts Certified Arborist Today!

Not everyone has a green thumb. If you have questions and concerns about trees on your property, don’t wait. Call Prestige Tree Experts today. Founded by two Jessup county arborists who began a landscape company in middle school, Prestige Tree Experts is dedicated to keeping Maryland green. Our team is certified by both the TCIA and ISA and backed by the Arbor Day Foundation. Our team of tree experts guarantees our work. We thrive on honesty, satisfaction, and dedication and have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. Take the guesswork out of tree care, and call us before storm season affects your trees and home. For a free consultation, reach out online or call us at 240.673.2474 today.

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