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Why Is Tree Trimming Important?

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Trees can be an incredible asset to a property, increasing its monetary value and aesthetic beauty. However, it’s essential to maintain trees through regular care, including trimming. Choosing a professional service to perform trimming is an excellent option since it ensures an experienced team will decide what each tree needs. It also guarantees that trained professionals will complete the hazardous tasks involved in tree trimming safely and effectively.

There are several key reasons why tree trimming is important, and our friendly arborist team at Prestige Tree Experts would be happy to discuss them further. We’re standing by to answer your questions, provide free estimates, and set up an appointment to keep trees looking their best year-round. Call 240.219.5676 or reach out online to start the journey toward better tree health, safety, and aesthetics.

What is Tree Trimming?

On its most basic level, tree trimming ensures trees can continue to generate new growth. Professional trimmers get rid of the deadwood, usually from the canopy, to help redirect the tree’s energy output toward healthy areas. This increases the tree’s chances of having a long, healthy life and refines its overall appearance. Several levels of professional trimming service are available:

  • Canopy Raising: This service, also known as “elevating,” involves removing a tree’s lower branches. Is a branch regularly striking passersby when they walk under the tree? Is it growing too close to a built structure or blocking an attractive view? That branch can probably go!
  • Thinning: This service removes select limbs from a tree’s upper story to ensure sufficient wind and sunlight can make it through. High winds cause significantly less damage to trees that have been correctly thinned, and good airflow has the added benefit of keeping leaves dry and less likely to develop diseases linked to excess moisture. Lots of sunlight, of course, helps the tree continue to grow. A professional service can be beneficial if a tree needs thinning since over-trimming can also cause problems by robbing the tree of too many avenues for photosynthesis.
  • Pruning According to Arborist Recommendation: Also called “canopy cleaning,” this form of trimming entails cutting off branches with insecure junctions, disease, breakage, or deadwood. Excess bark may be removed, along with undesirable growth that siphons resources from the tree’s main body. Such growth may include water sprouts, which often grow from previously pruned areas higher up in the tree, and suckers, which grow near the base of the trunk. Both water sprouts and suckers indicate that the tree is under stress and should be removed to help reroute its energy in healthier directions.

Tree Trimming Responsibility and Benefits

There are several key benefits to regular tree-trimming:

  • Increase tree health: Pruning allows trees to grow healthier branches and devote their energy to ensure existing ones are doing well. Branches that are too far gone because of insect infestation, weather damage, drought, or lack of sun are best removed to aid the tree’s overall recovery.
  • Ensure greater safety: Trees near homes, businesses, or public thoroughfares can pose a real threat to the safety of passersby or property if not properly pruned. Dead or weakened limbs may break off during storms or even catch fire if they come into direct contact with power lines or are struck by lightning. Property owners with trees on their land are responsible for making sure these magnificent landscape accents do not block or damage nearby infrastructures like sidewalks and street signs.
  • Create a sound structure: A regular trim can help with strong structural development, especially when trees are young. In turn, this allows trees to withstand greater extremes of weather and climate and maintain excellent health and steady growth.
  • Give the rest of the landscape a helping hand: Overgrown trees can shade grass or other plantings so severely that they fail to grow. They can also block rainfall, causing these other plants to dry out. Regular tree trimming helps ensure that all the living parts of a landscape benefit from ample light and moisture.

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To ensure trees have optimal health and longevity and remain attractive and safe additions to the landscape, reach out to Prestige Tree Experts today. Our arborists are excited to start the conversation about tree trimming in Jessup, Maryland, and surrounding areas.