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Why You Need A Professional Tree Root Removal Service

professional tree root removal

A significant change to a property’s trees takes time, planning, and specialized equipment. Cutting down trees to clear land or make way for new plantings, of course, leaves stumps. What to do with them? For a true “reset” option, a professional tree root removal service is the best choice. The process, however, is labor-intensive, leaves a gaping hole, and requires highly specialized equipment and training.

For these reasons, it’s best to hire a certified team of arborists to complete the task. Reach out to us at Prestige Tree Experts today to estimate this service in and around Jessup, MD. We’re excited to help you with all your tree and root removal needs and advise you on the best options for your unique situation and budget. We’re also experienced with tree healthcare and trimming. Call 240.673.2474 or reach out electronically to get started.

To Grind Down or to Remove?

If stumps are present on a property, it’s important to remove them for several reasons. Leaving them as they are presents tripping hazards, especially for children. Moreover, decaying stumps can attract molds and insect pests like carpenter ants and termites. These can spread to nearby trees or structures like homes and businesses. Unattended stumps can also produce new shoots that must be removed down the line. This isn’t ideal.

Simply grinding down a stump has several advantages, including environmental friendliness, since this causes less shock to nearby trees sharing resources with the removed tree via the mycelial network that exists within and between root systems. Grinding down a stump is generally less costly and causes less damage to the turf since it does not produce a large hole.

Sometimes, however, this isn’t enough. If a new tree planting is planned for the same spot the former tree occupied, it may be necessary to remove all existing roots fully. Other plantings can also benefit from tree root removal since this affords them more room to grow into the soil and more available nutrients. Finally, entirely removing roots means they can no longer send up new shoots that have to be removed in the future.

Why You Need a Professional Tree Root Removal Service

When deciding to fully remove a tree, including its root system, it’s time to call in the professionals. The main reasons to hire a professional root removal team are:

  • Specialized tools and machinery are necessary: The number-one reason to hire a professional tree root removal service is that specialized training and machinery are needed to complete the job safely and effectively. Tools used may range from lighter implements like mattocks, diggers, and machetes to heavy hand tools like crosscut saws, stump grinders, and chainsaws. In some cases, tractors or backhoes are also employed in the laborious effort to remove roots completely.
  • Soil-softening chemicals may be used: It may be necessary to apply chemicals like potassium nitrate to soften the soil surrounding a stump. This allows arborists to access and remove the root system more efficiently. It’s best to let the professionals take care of this because mishandling such chemicals can pose health risks, including skin irritation and respiratory difficulty.
  • Aftercare can be discussed and/or implemented: Fully removing a root system leaves an enormous hole much larger than the diameter of the removed tree. This may mean the area needs an infusion of topsoil, fertilizer, and/or grass seed. A professional service can help plan this crucial next step for the property and include these services in a tree removal package.

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Prestige Tree Experts’ friendly team of ISA Certified Arborists is standing by to help you. Call us today for exceptional consultations, free estimates, and safe, reliable tree and stump removal in and around Jessup, MD. Start the conversation electronically or by calling us at 240.673.2474.

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