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Can You Protect A Tall Tree From Lightning?

Tree Lightning Protection

Those who live in an area surrounded by trees might be worried about lightning striking a tree too close to their home, especially if that tree is large. A tall tree can draw lighting strikes and sometimes cause issues around a property. The damage done to a tree struck by lightning is not always severe. However, in worse cases, the tree can sustain some damage or, in extreme cases, explode. It is, of course, reasonable that someone would want to find some lightning protection to prevent this from happening.

Prestige Tree Experts offer tree lightning protection so that home and property owners need not worry about any lightning damage to your trees or your house. For more information on how you can protect your trees, contact us at 240.219.5676.

What Happens When Lightning Strikes a Tree?

Even the largest trees are not susceptible to tree lightning damage. In some cases, the damage can be as minimal as the bark being burned. However, there are times when the result can be explosive. The biggest stressor of a tree being hit is that it might fall over and hit a person’s house, causing major damage.

When a tree is struck by lightning, the water inside the tree begins to boil. The steam from the water will expand, causing the bark to crack or fall off. The more water in the tree, the worse the damage could be. If you have trees already in bad shape, you should consider a tree lightning protection system.

Protecting Trees from Lightning

There are certain areas where trees are more likely to be struck by lightning. These places include:

  • Close to a body of water
  • Open areas
  • Near a forest

Thankfully, there are ways of preventing trees from lightning damage. A tree protection system can be put on trees you want to protect. A copper cable is placed on the tree that will wrap around its trunk, and when it is struck by lightning, the electrical current will follow the wire to a rod that is placed safely far away from the tree. The current will then disperse into the ground.

It may seem extreme, but having a tree lightning protection system can save you from losing a tree or damaging your home. An arborist will install this system to protect you and your trees.

How to Treat a Tree Struck by Lightning

Trees that have been struck by lightning can survive. However, it is important to have a tree looked at after being struck. If it has sustained any damage, it could affect the tree later. Pruning your tree and removing any burned or damaged parts can help. This will also prevent any pests that can cause diseases from entering the dead areas. You should also make sure that it is being watered regularly.

A bolt of lightning might not cause serious damage to a tree, but the aftereffects of it might be the reason a tree dies. Contact an arborist to assess the damage and see if the tree struck can be saved.

Tree Lightning Protection from Prestige Tree Experts

Don’t let the stress of a tree being struck by lightning keep you from living in an area surrounded by beautiful foliage. Consider getting a tree lightning protection system from Prestige Tree Experts. Our team of experts will keep you and your trees safe from harm. We pride ourselves on giving the best services, including:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Tree healthcare

We are proud to give our clients quality care for their trees. To find out more about our services, visit our website, or contact us at 240.219.5676.