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How Can You Tell if Your Tree Needs to Be Trimmed?

a person prunes a tree after recognizing signs your tree should be trimmed

The health of your trees is important. They are part of the investment you have made in your home and your property. Maintaining them just like you would any part of your home should be a priority. But no one expects you to be an expert—that’s what professionals are for. Tree trimming by professional arborists—like the ones at Prestige Tree Experts—will help maintain the health and life of your trees for years to come. Reduce the spread of disease, prevent potential storm damage, and ensure the safety of the people and the property you love by thinning live branches and removing dead branches.

If you’re unsure if a tree needs to be trimmed, contact Prestige Tree Experts, and we can walk you through signs your tree should be trimmed and offer a free consultation to review all of our tree trimming services. 

Signs Your Tree Should Be Trimmed

Tree trimming should be part of a regular maintenance schedule with a professional arborist like the ones at Prestige Tree Experts. There are many distinctive signs that your tree needs trimming, either immediately or on a regular maintenance basis.

Here are some signs that your tree should be trimmed:

  • You have noticeably broken branches – Branches could be starting to bow or hanging on by a thread. Because the branch is clearly in a weakened state, it should be addressed as soon as possible. It’s good practice to take a visual assessment of the trees on your property following a significant storm.
  • Tree limbs look dead or diseased – As a non-expert, you may not know what signs indicate a serious disease issue, but if something doesn’t look right to you, then it’s time to consult a professional. Look for spots and cracks on branches that seem to be barren of leaves.
  • Overcrowded branches – A branch that is clustered with others and either crosses over others or is crossed over by them can be weak. Because of the crowding, some branches may not get as much light or other nutrients. Thinning and trimming out these branches ensures none of them bow or snap.
  • Utility lines close by – Take particular notice of where your power lines are. If they are close to trees on your property, then making sure branches don’t interfere with those utility lines can be the difference between your street losing power or not. In this case, a professional has to do this kind of work.
  • You’ve incurred recent storm damage – If you’re not sure if your trees were damaged in a recent storm, don’t leave yourself guessing. Have professionals assess your trees for peace of mind and quick action if it’s needed.

What to Look for in Professional Tree Trimming Services

Professional tree trimming should encompass professionalism, great communication, punctuality, and stellar customer service. Be sure that the professionals you hire are certified arborists and licensed by the state. Lastly, working with a team that is truly passionate and loves what they do can make all of the difference in getting a job done and a job well done.

Tree work can be dangerous, but when done by experts, it looks effortless. The Prestige Tree Experts team communicates with each client consistently throughout the entire process online and by phone. Membership in professional tree industry organizations like the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is important to us, and we have worked hard to be a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating.

Learn More About Professional Tree Trimming from Prestige Tree Experts

With regular maintenance, your trees will thank you. Keep them strong so they look great and bounce back from any damage—from a storm or otherwise. At Prestige Tree Experts, we are proud partners of the Arbor Day Foundation. Our arborists are insured, accredited, and ISA-certified. Tree trimming is an art and a science. We’ve perfected that combination in order to protect the overall health, beauty, and life of your trees. Routine tree trimming maintenance can ensure the health, safety, and appeal of your property.

Our professional team offers:

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  • Tree trimming
  • Tree healthcare

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