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Should I Get Tree Roots Removed?

surface roots on a tree, one of the reasons to get tree roots removed

Quality care is of the utmost importance when it comes to the health and longevity of the trees surrounding your property. But sometimes, regardless of the hopes and intentions of a good tree owner, nature has other plans, and these plans can create all kinds of trouble and stress. Natural weather disasters, construction, and even foot traffic can significantly affect a tree’s health and wellness. That is why it is so important to be mindful of the health and status of a tree.

There are many steps that homeowners can take to ensure the prosperity of their trees, but some jobs simply require the help of a well-trained professional. The complexity of the project and the equipment needed are two leading reasons to get tree roots removed by professionals. If you’re considering tree root removal in Maryland, contact the professionals at Prestige Tree Experts at 240.281.3334.

What Is Tree Root Removal?

Some might assume that the job is done after cutting down a tree. This is not the case. While the towering behemoth that was once the trunk of a tree is now gone, there is still a sturdy base with countless roots attached underground. Removing these roots can be a messy job that, when done incorrectly, can cause far more harm than good.

Roots can easily grow back if mistakes are made during the physical process of root removal. In addition, it is easy to mistake the roots of one tree for another, which may lead to unintentional harm. The process of removing the roots of a tree is meticulous and must be done with care and precision. That is why it is important to consider hiring a professional when considering tree root removal.

Reasons to Remove Remaining Tree Roots

There is no shortage on the list of reasons to get tree roots removed. Tree roots have a habit of growing wherever they please which, in the case of tree species with invasive roots, can lead to tree roots growing in the most inconvenient of places. Reasons to get tree roots removed are:

  • Surface roots – It is not uncommon for trees to grow roots on the surface in their search for water and nutrients. This can create quite an inconvenience for lawn maintenance. They can also be hazardous as they pose a serious risk to those who might trip over them.
  • Cracked foundation – Trees love water and often go wherever they have to to find it. This means that the tiniest crack or hole in the foundation of a house or structure is vulnerable to being torn apart by invasive tree roots.
  • Sidewalk and patio damage – In much the same way tree roots can invade the home; they can also create cracks in patios in sidewalks. These roots can cause physical damage, decreasing the aesthetic value of a structure and creating an additional tripping hazard as these roots grow and become surface roots.
  • Plumbing damage – Believe it or not, trees can sense water in plumbing pipes, and much like a sidewalk or house, tree roots will do anything they can to find a way in. When tree roots interfere with plumbing systems, unsuspecting homeowners can face untold levels of expensive damage.

Remove Remaining Tree Roots with Help from Prestige Tree Experts

The efforts of a tree are neverending in their quest for water, and they could not be less concerned with the damage and expenses they may incur. That is why issues such as this must be stopped at their root before the outdoor aesthetic aspiration of homeowners become soiled. We at Prestige Tree Experts understand how much trouble tree roots can cause. We guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and will work at their convenience to ensure that the job is done right. For more information on reasons to get tree roots removed, or to schedule a free consultation today, contact us at 240.281.3334.